We offer you these boxes of rum from all over the world, to allow you as lovers to be able to taste in sample of 5 cl to discover these nectars which are often very complicated to find and also very expensive to buy whole bottles.

All our samples were taken at the opening of the main bottle, packaged immediately in samples respecting all the standards that must be applied. They have been closed and also waxed with the sealing seal of our company to guarantee all their freshness to the opening and their authenticity.

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copy of Coffret de samples de rhum Caroni Releases

With this tasting kit, we wanted to introduce you to the complete 16-bottle collection, which pays tribute to the hard-working employees of the former Trinidad sugar factory, which closed its doors in 2002 due to lack of profitability. Mr. Luca Gargano, director of the company, then took over Velier It is composed of 16 samples of 1cl Caroni 1th John 1996...

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