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We have thought for you, for all those who would like to enjoy enthusiasts but who don’t really have any idea about the choice they would bring in the selection of our prestige samples. We've installed gift checks for you. Several different amounts. For the order it is very easy, it is an usual order like all others. Simply you will have to send us a small email, indicating the e-mail address or the person to send it directly or then yours if you want to print the check and offer it in your own hands. 
the validity of the check is one year. The difference is non-refundable. I think it would really be the gift that could make fun for the Father’s Day, for a birthday, for the end of the year parties, or then simply to please without reason. You can also leave a small personal message of your choice that will be printed on the cheque. 

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copy of Coffret de samples de rhum Caroni Releases

With this tasting kit, we wanted to introduce you to the complete 16-bottle collection, which pays tribute to the hard-working employees of the former Trinidad sugar factory, which closed its doors in 2002 due to lack of profitability. Mr. Luca Gargano, director of the company, then took over Velier It is composed of 16 samples of 1cl Caroni 1th John 1996...

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